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According to the Guangzhou reference commentator Rumi reports, China badminton team coaches competition will be launched in this week or next week, took the helm for 24 years as head coach Li Yongbo said may no longer hold any position in the team, all the news sources, he will likely be the outgoing coach Kuniwa, future work may be related to the 2022 Beijing winter olympics. From the beginning of 1993, Li Yongbo entered the China badminton team, in the past 6 Olympic Games won a total of 18 gold medals, 5 medals in women's doubles, women's singles, men of the 4 medals, 3 gold medals in men's doubles, mixed doubles two.

Last year, the Rio Olympic Games, Malaysia media once broke, only two gold medals Chinese badminton team will replace the head coach of men's doubles group coach Zhang Jun will replace Li Yongbo. However, this was denied by the party Zhang Jun, Li Yongbo also continue to serve as head coach. It is understood. Chinese badminton team coaches competition work will start immediately, but also plans to complete before the next month the Sudirman Cup World mixed team badminton championship.

Li Yongbo, 55, Liaoning, Dalian. The athletes in the period, Li Yongbo and teammate Tian Bingyi won two world championships men's doubles champion, is the three main members of the Thomas cup champion. Starting in 1993, Li Yongbo entered the Chinese badminton team, his goal is to train 100 world champions during his tenure. The 2012 London Olympics is the most glorious moment of his coaching career, Chinese team won the men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles gold medal.

Li Yongbo outspoken, love his people think this is a reflection of his human nature is not straightforward northeast, love his people think he koumeizhelan. The aspect of badminton for nearly half a century, in charge of the country almost a century of 1\/4 plume's meritorious coach always get both praise and blame. Over the past two years, his words and deeds low-key, no longer appear in the past. In last year's Olympic Games in Rio, China team only won the men's singles and men's doubles gold medal, to complete the task, but the women's doubles and mixed doubles two red gold project high odds, and lean women's singles project, the helm Li Yongbo again pushed in the teeth of the storm. With the results of the ups and downs of the feather, for Li Yongbo class news spread from time to time on the internet.

Director General of the State Sports General Administration of the State Council of the people's Republic of China at the beginning of his office made it clear that it is necessary to intensify efforts to support the advantages of the project, but the results are not satisfactory, the country's leading group will be adjusted appropriately. In the Rio Olympic Games gold has not been the Chinese gymnastics team to become the focus of the rectification object, this once the gold medal division in the new Olympic cycle under great pressure, the reorganization of the coach team without delay. In addition to China and China both in women's volleyball table tennis team last week announced a new Olympic cycle team coaches, Chinese weightlifting team head coach open competition conference held in Beijing last week, Yu Jie and Zhang Guozheng are the only candidates for men and women.

China badminton team in Tokyo Olympic Games gold medal under tremendous pressure, the 2020 Summer Olympics host Japan team won last year in Rio's first ever Olympic gold medal in the badminton team, in 2014 he beat Chinese men's team and won the Thomas cup champion, the rise is more and more obvious include Denmark, Malaysia etc. The opponent. In addition to pressure from his opponents, the country feather itself into labor, veterans have retired, young players failed to take over, the advantages of the project is gradually catching up. Li Yongbo last week with the team to open the Malaysia open, insiders revealed that he privately said that this is estimated to be the last time he saw the scene, Lin Lee war". The feather of late May will participate in the Sudirman Cup, will be expected to have the new head led the team to 7 consecutive attack.
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