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Old 04-20-2017
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Li yongbo is deadly short board business, 81 world champion, what is the relationship with him

The controversial li yongbo finally surrendered the control power of the Chinese badminton team.

since 1993, the Chinese badminton coach, 24 years, li yongbo has been China badminton words matter.More than 20 years, li yongbo negative rumours, first in the coaching staff members, from ling wei to Li Mao, several into fire and water.Initially the origin of this GongDou drama because li yongbo pressure its qualifications and professional record, li yongbo is the men's double world champion at once took, but only for once, a world champion in in Chinese sports ace bianconeri verily nothing, at least not buy li yongbo is ling wei zhang, as the male shuttler level, ling wei in the 1980 s is an international male shuttler in women's singles of absolute rulers, but li yongbo and particularly strong personality, two people once as fire and water, in the end the GongDou ended in ling wei's departure.Ling wei leave completely laid a li yongbo holding the feather power situation, the subsequent Li Mao qualifications or name has not been enough to bring substantial threat to li yongbo, in recent years, the feather every single coach the appointment of the basic in li yongbo control, li yongbo became China's badminton completely arbitrary.

the contradiction of the coaching staff do not become standard, we judge li yongbo, after all, it belongs to the right and wrong within the scope of work, it is difficult to judge right and wrong, in fact, li yongbo so much controversy over the years, the core of the problem or question, his business ability, eventually overtake li yongbo last straw or Rio Olympics China badminton fiasco.Rio Olympics actually take two gold MEDALS not too ugly, the problem is that one is the women's singles and women's doubles lost two items, you know, after the women's doubles China has realized in the Olympics for five successive, women's singles also won four consecutive Olympic Games, the two projects in Rio China did not even get a medal, can say underpants lose out;Second, the Chinese badminton team a total of only took four MEDALS, I'm terribly sorry ace corporation.

a landslide of Chinese women's singles and women's doubles, "back pan man" nature is two single head coach with Chen qiu jin, but since the London Olympic Games won 5 gold is the achievement of li yongbo, Rio you always the responsible for the landslide.In fact, the more than 20 years, li yongbo, more like the Chinese badminton team ouchi main business basic single head coach, we filter the ups and downs of each individual record carefully you will see whether xing is failure, generally has nothing to do with li yongbo.Such as male shuttler mogul Shang Xianhu deciding the success or failure of men's singles, Lin is one of the most famous sparing in li yongbo is known to all, but actually really make Lin Dan is the force behind the overlord Shang Xianhu.Shang Xianhu director of men's singles, the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 in the context of persevering a dark horse in the fight scene, won the men's singles champion, no Shang Xianhu no the gold medal, so to speak.Shang Xianhu after retirement, the Chinese men's singles fall into the trough, Lin Dan in the Athens Olympic Games 04 years early, to prepare for the Olympic Games, has a 65 - year - old Shang Xianhu be reinstated, this is the first Lin Olympic champions league, then Shang Xianhu out national team, Lin face the impact of the lee is more and more big, the 12 before the London Olympics, Shang Xianhu mountain again, Lin defending.Rio DE janeiro Olympic Lin to lee, is old overwhelmed factors, but also cannot ignore Shang Xianhu left.But there are some people know Shang Xianhu, people thought it was li yongbo created Lin.

the decline of women's singles and women's doubles are linked to the change of head coach, Tang Xinghua women's singles coach, it is played all over the world invincible hand, 08 Olympic Games, zhang ning directly from alternative Tang Xinghua athletes, is the turning point of the Chinese women's singles to decline, afterwards because of poor record, li yongbo substitute jin zhang is in charge of women's singles, women's singles record straight down, until the Rio Olympics out with MEDALS.A nots allow to ignore the fact that, from zhang ning to jin for two Olympic Games cycle, the Chinese women's singles have been Li Xuerui, yihan wang, Wang Shixian three players, on the premise of foreign masters emerge in endlessly, women's singles did not create a powerful new, coaching dare not flatter really, the same is true of women's doubles.We can roughly summary, so the old generation of coach out and a new generation of the inadequacy of ability of coaches, is a major cause of China's badminton slump, xing and failure, and li yongbo on earth have how old relation, but the people in China badminton coaching staff but only saw li yongbo a person's shadow.

can shi CAI zhenhua teaching, an important reason is that the Chinese men's table tennis team from the bottom hand pull out, CAI zhenhua.CAI zhenhua took over the Chinese table tennis before the boys' team, China completely suppressed by European athletes, with few s, CAI zhenhua first out wang tao the doubles, then step by created a generation of players headed by liu guoliang and kong linghui Gemini, complete recovery the monopoly of national sport.China badminton team had to create the brilliant, the contribution of li yongbo on business and CAI zhenhua cannot compare, li yongbo had vowed to take out of the 100 world championships, I have no specific statistics, but if the count thomas-uber hands the team title, to his time as head coach li yongbo, Chinese badminton is born 81 world champion, is among the 81 world championships, how a few is li yongbo hold out, rather than li yongbo out of the 81 world champion, li yongbo rather witnessed the 81 world championships.

li yongbo, China's badminton day finally lit up.
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