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Comments/Suggestions/Questions Have some comments regarding the site? Have some issues? Got some problems? Have a suggestion? Post here!

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Old 04-19-2006
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Default How did you find

How did you find BadmintonForums?

Please reply here stating how you found us - it helps us market the site better as well as improve the ways people can find us.


Tyler Cruz
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Old 12-29-2010
lbtriggerman lbtriggerman is offline
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Hmm... True... true... :0)
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Old 06-24-2012
sharathcv sharathcv is offline
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This is a good forum, but not many people are using it. I think we need to spread awareness of this site through our friends. When I google-d for "badminton forums" this site did not show up. Can we do something so that this site gets listed in the search results on top?
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Old 10-28-2016
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I totally agree with what sharathcv have just said. This is a good badminton forum. Unfortunately there are not many activie members.

I sincerely hope that something can be done to promote this badminton forum so that more people will register to become a member and thus be active to post more things in this forum.

Just my suggestions.

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