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Old 09-24-2012
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Default Show Off Your Passion For Horse Racing With Race Apparel

Every day you see them. People you pass by sporting a shirt that advertises their favorite team. A pin-striped Yankees tee shirt. A Lakers jersey. A Vikings hat. There is no shortage of sports apparel in the stores. In the Northeast you'll find Red Sox,??????[?],2012 NBA Finals Champions Snapback caps, Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Bills,Do not Refuse Kobe Shoes Which is the Fashionable, Patriots; in the midwest there are Rams, Chiefs, Bengals, Royals, Cardinals; no matter where you are, it is easy to find the local hats and shirts and stickers for your local sports favorite. There are even Tiger Woods shirts, Galaxy jerseys, and wrestling hats.

There has been one classic American pastime that has been underserved for far too long. Quite possibly it is the most graceful of all sports, blending the grace and swiftness of the horse with the strength and dexterity of the jockey. It requires vigorous training,cheap Angels hats, a regimented lifestyle, selective breeding, and most importantly,Are You Being A Good Guy Or A Plain Old Procrastinator, passion and dedication. Horse racing.

This sport isn't new. Americans didn't invent it. In one form or another, societies have been enjoying horse racing for thousands of years. The Romans participated in chariot races. Norse mythology tells an epic tale of racing. Societies across the world and throughout history have embraced horse racing as an integral part of their culture.

Americans adopted it before they adopted the Constitution. The first race track was built on Long Island in 1665. Saratoga Race Course was opened in 1863. By 1890 there were over 300 tracks in the United States.

What has been missing from all of this? The apparel. There is no one walking around with a Rachel Alexandra ball cap. No horse racing t shirts. No Seabiscuit hoods.

Is it because the fans don't care? Are they not passionate? If you've ever been to the race track this question would not even come to mind. Horse racing fans are some of the most passionate sports fans in the world. They live and breathe the race.

Is it time for apparel companies to Embrace the Race? I think so. I think it's time horse fans demand the apparel that shoes their passion for the sport. Time to show the world how they live and breathe horse racing. Time to proudly show off their culture and their sport.
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